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Overview of the Major Indicators Used in the Nemeth Code


In order to learn the Nemeth code, it is necessary to have a thorough understanding of three indicators: the English-Letter, Numeric, and Punctuation Indicators. I found the rules for these Indicators difficult to master until I saw how they each contribute to efficient reading.

There are several starting points for the information presented here about these Indicators. This page presents a non-technical overview. A separate page has simple examples with links to five more pages that contain complete summaries of the rules. The summaries are linked back to the examples and also cross-referenced to the Nemeth code book.

Persons familiar with literary braille have probably noticed the similarity between the letter sign and the English-letter Indicator and also between the number sign and the Numeric Indicator. The rules for these two indicators in Nemeth are somewhat different and more complex than the corresponding literary braille rules. The Punctuation Indicator is new to Nemeth.

Why the rules are the way they are

The useage rules can be better understood and remembered by considering the following keys:

Links to Examples and Detailed Information about Each Indicator

The English-letter Indicator has three different functions, the Numeric Indicator has two different functions, and the Punctuation Indicator has only one function. The detailed information about these Indicators that is presented here takes the unique approach of using a different local name for an Indicator to go along with its different functions.

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