New Ideas for Parents and Teachers

Many years ago my sighted father wanted to learn braille and had a great struggle finding materials and good approaches. I've described his experiences and how he inspired my interest in braille literacy. I developed this website as a way of passing on his ideas to help sighted persons learn braille and have added a few of my own.

I am an early-retired computational scientist and you will spot my computer-based perspective throughout the site. I hope this is useful because I've discovered that an understanding of computers and computer terminology is very important to understanding many issues involving braille and computers, including transcribing programs. Just as in any area, there is misleading information where knowledge can protect you.

Computer science has brought much joy to my life. My hope is that the information here that shows the close relationship of the braille cells and the braille codes to computer concepts—from the binary number system to the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) used to develop websites—will inspire those who know braille to learn more about computers and inspire everyone to discover the fascination of braille. .

Tip! Challenge your older children to learn about the binary number system. Go to number systems page.

Dotless Braille Tip! Throughout the site there are green-highlighted tips to make learning and using braille easier. Links to most of the tips are given below.

This page is still growing.

This page was last updated March 2, 2002.