Capital sign: Dot 6 d: Dots 1-4-5 o: Dots 1-3-5 t: Dots 2-3-4-5 Contraction Indicator: Dots 4-6 s as contraction for 'less': Dots 2-3-4 First cell of double capital sign: Dot 6 Second cell of double capital sign: Dot 6 b in short-form for word 'braille': Dots 1-2 r in short-form for word 'braille': Dots 1-2-3-5 l in short-form for word 'braille': Dots 1-2-3

About The Dotless BRAILLE Logo

What is the point of the logo?

The point of the logo is to show that even though braille is not simply a one-for-one substitution of braille cells for print characters, the meaning of each braille symbol can still be displayed in print. (Click for an example of interlining using this new display method.)

The logo is also intended as a quick introduction to literary braille since it uses the two main features of braille codes: indicators and contractions. In fact, if you understand the logo, you will be well on your way to understanding literary braille!

What do the symbols in the logo mean?
Letter capitalizer (Shift key) D o t 2-cell contraction: 'less' 2-cell word capitalizer (Caps Lock) 3-cell short-form word: 'BRAILLE' Dotless BRAILLE Dotless BRAILLE[D]

The logo is the DotlessBraille™ equivalent of the braille transcription of the phrase "Dotless BRAILLE". The descriptors (or ALT parameters)—displayed when "pointing" at each of the print signs—show the meaning of the corresponding braille symbols that are also shown below as dots.

The fixed-width print glyphs are the same width as the glyphs for the braille cells as necessary for checking braille layout during proofreading. Three different types of DotlessBraille™ glyphs are used in the logo.

  1. Pictures of Shift and CapsLock keys are used for the two capitalization indicators,
  2. standard print characters are used for braille letters and
  3. composite characters created from half-width characters are used for the two-cell braille contraction or shorthand for the syllable "less".

What does the logo look like in braille dots?
Braille cells for 'Dotless BRAILLE' in literary braille. [D]

(Click here to see the logo in in grid braille with shadow dots.)

The inkprint dots are simulated braille cells showing the transcription of the phrase "Dotless BRAILLE" according to the literary braille code. The dots for the two capitalization indicators are shown in green to better illustrate the relationship between the logo and the braille cells.

The descriptors (or ALT parameters)—displayed when pointing to one of the braile cells—use the standard notation for dot patterns. Note that sometimes more than one braille cell can corresponds to a single braille symbol.

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