The logo displays a special print equivalent to the contracted braille transcription of the phrase "Dotless BRAILLE." The capital indicator before the first word is represented by a small picture of a Shift key and the double capital indicator before the second word is represented by a picture of a Caps Lock key. These pictures are printed in a different color, green, to show that they are braille indicators without a direct equivalent in print.

The capital "D" is shown in uppercase and the "o" and "t" are shown in lowercase. The syllable "less" is printed in smaller type so that it fits in the same space as two standard-sized characters because it is transcribed to braille as a two-cell final-letter contraction. The short-form word for "braille" uses upper-case letters.

The logo uses a client-side image map so if you point your mouse at any of the characters, a description or ALT parameter is displayed. This is especially useful if you forget the meaning of a short-form word.